How About a Mid-Week Illustrated Quote!

We all know that Wednesday can be the most exhausting day of the week. So how about an And by Fire illustrated quote to liven things up?

In my novel, Nigella Parker of the City of London Police doesn’t have time for a mid-week slump. Her adrenaline is way up and must stay up because she’s playing a fire-filled game of cat and mouse with a sculptor who works in burnt flesh.

As she and Colm O’Leary of Scotland Yard track the murderous arsonist across greater London—racing to connect the dots between an antique nail pulled from a dead man’s hands, and the legacy of the famous Restoration architect Sir. Christopher Wren—the killer likes to turn up the already insane pressure by taunting them. When nasty little written messages stop being enough, London’s killer-artist sets his sights on one of them as the subject of his next fiery masterpiece.

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