More Reader Love for AND BY FIRE

NOTHING boosts a writer’s week like a kind words from readers. Got a couple of great reviews for AND BY FIRE today and I can’t resist sharing. Please note summer is here–it will be 90 in Washington, DC today–so what are you waiting for? Get AND BY FIRE on that summer TBR pile!!! Or, if you’ve already read it, consider taking a moment to give the novel a review.

🔥 “I’m not usually one for crime procedurals, but this book hooked me from the first scene. Hawtrey creates fully dimensional characters, especially her DCIs Parker and O’Leary, who kept me riveted during their investigation. Combine with the suspense of the Great London Fire, and you’ll never look at some of London’s famous monuments the same way again.

The flames of 1666 are visceral. Read this on a hot summer day for full effect.”

–TheWriteHope (Instagram)

🔥 ““Please, Sir, I want some more,” said in Oliver Twisti-est of whingeing voices. And if you’ve not read this: buy it and put it on your summer TBR—author and characters will be happy to play their part in ruining a couple of nights of sleep.”

–Latta (Twitter)


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