CrimeReads Interview with Dr. Cassandra Kuba: What its like to really stand over a dead body as well as helping creators of crime fiction get it right

This is too cool!

Those of you who have a copy of And by Fire handy, pick it up and flip to the “author’s note” section. You’ll notice my thanks to Dr. Cassandra Kuba. Dr. Kuba punches WAY above my weight—she’s a PhD biological anthropologist, and a university professor focusing on the study of the human skeleton (osteology). She’s also a forensic consultant on-call with the police, at the ready to analyze human remains. When she isn’t standing over real dead bodies, Dr. Kuba helps creative types—television script writers, crime novelists—get their forensic and procedural matters right. She’s consulted on TV crime dramas including the long-running series CSI and Bones.


Evie Hawtrey (left) & Dr. Cassandra Kuba (right)

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