The Early Reviews for AND BY FIRE Are in And I am Thrilled!

Less than a week to launch day crime-readers! And by Fire will be on shelves everywhere May 10th and I can’t wait to start getting pictures of it “visiting” readers across states and continents. Seriously, if you spot And by Fire in the wild (say at your local bookstore) or it arrives at your door, please post some snaps on social media, and tag me. You’ll make my day.

Speaking of books arriving at doors, a little reminder . . . my 🔥 Friends of Fire Reader Incentive 🔥 is still live. So, if you’ve pre-ordered And by Fire be certain to register that pre-order. It may qualify you for some hot book swag! And if you are teetering on the verge of pre-ordering And by Fire (to make sure it’s in your hot-little-hands next Tuesday without delay), visit my earlier blog post here, and let the array of fantastic bookish goodies I have on offer tip you over the edge.

There are a lot of nerves this close to a book release—but my primary emotion is excitement. I am eager to see how my time-twisty, fire-breathing mystery is received by the bookish world. In my opinion, writers don’t really “finish” books even when we write “the end.” That’s because our storylines and characters continue to live and thrive in the minds and imaginations of readers. So, when you’ve read And by Fire, don’t be shy—reach out and tell me what you thought. Tell other readers as well by reviewing it.

As for And by Fire’s early reviews—I am chuffed! Lots of reader love! See for yourself  . . .



🔥Bones meets the Restoration Court in Evie Hawtrey’s And by Fore, a taut dual-timeline mystery that races along at the pace of an inferno! . . . Fresh, dynamic, and crisply researched, AND BY FIRE WILL appeal to histfic fans and mystery readers alike—I couldn’t put this one down!”

—Kate Quinn, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Alice Network

🔥 “[R]eaders swept up in this double-barreled inferno will forget the history they know as they root for both heroines to bring the malefactors to book before things get even hotter.”




🔥 “Two determined women, separated by more than three centuries, struggle to uncover a deadly secret that burns at the heart of London. This is a taut and suspenseful read, rich in history and human drama. You won’t soon forget it!”

—Nancy Bilyeau, Author of The Blue

🔥 “Entertaining and enlightening, [And by Fire] reveals how established monuments to the past sometimes keep inaccuracies alive and how largely forgotten events and figures can fester.”

Historical Novel Society Magazine



🔥  “You’ll smell the smoke, taste the ashes, and feel the tension as you race through this exquisitely researched crime thriller. The plot twists and unforgettable images evoked by Evie Hawtrey’s And by Fire will linger long after you turn the last page!”

—Ellen Marie Wiseman, New York Times Bestseller of The Orphan Collector

🔥 “You’ll burn through the pages of this time-twisty thriller!”

Mindy McGinnis, Edgar Award Winning author of A Madness So Discreet

🔥  “Enjoyed the well-written characters and clear, concise writing. 5 stars, and highly recommend for mystery/thriller readers, and those who enjoy history.”

—NetGalley Reviewer

🔥  “I enjoyed every page of this novel and struggled to put it down! And By Fire comes out in May, and I could already see it being one of the best new thrillers of 2022.”

—NetGalley & YouTube Reviewer

🔥 “The mystery really kept me guessing. I thought I had it figured out. Guess what? I didn’t! I recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction and mystery.”

True Book Addict


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